I can't begin to express my gratitude to Kaler-Vail. My Mom has been a resident going on 5 years now & Kaler-Vail has truly become' her extended Family.' She has absolutely 'blossomed' since being at Kaler-Vail and although she is now 96 years young she continues to live an active, productive life being surrounded by caring and loving people. It means so much to me and my siblings as we truly do NOT have to worry about Mom, as we know she is in great & very capable hands. Thank You Kaler-Vail.

~ Judy M.

I moved here from a big house with massive gardens. Traveling meant house sitters, low temp monitors, and weeds gone wild. This spring when I returned to KV from a long volunteer stint in Somalia, all I had to do was put away the clean clothes that were on my bed (yes, someone does my laundry-even washes my gear in just the right way!), and take my bike out of the garage.

I am just a retired woman with a yen for sport that is lucky to live at Kaler Vaiil. We function much like an aged sorority. Each of us has interests and activities, and we all share a commitment to getting along well and staying engaged in life. We range from 65-97 and counting (and our 90 year olds aresome of our most committed walkers - every day whether inside or out).
~ Penny A.

During my six years living at Kaler-Vaill Memorial Home I have made new & lasting friendships with a delightful group of elderly women. I am most appreciative of the lifestyle offered here: Kaler-Vaill has an outstanding staff of caring, competent & fun-loving folk who provide us with delicious meals daily, housekeeping & laundry services, a variety of stimulating activities and the freedom to come and go as we choose to interact with the wider Greater Portland community. In addition, Kaler-Vaill has a Board of Directors with varied professional backgrounds that serve them well in making wise decisions to keep our home a welcoming option for generations to come.

~ Joan C.

I went to visit a friend of mine who lives in a retirement home. She was a little sad and commented that people came there to die. I replied that women came to Kaler-Vaill to LIVE!

That’s true in every sense. We are in a very unique home for women where all our needs are met with a smile. The ambience is friendly and sometimes really jovial. The staff are our friends as well as each other. There’s no place like it.

We often comment that we’d rather be here than anywhere else, and we mean it.

What’s there not to love?

We are a ‘cut above’ any other place we know.

~ Emily D.

Kaler-Vaill is a great place in which to grow old. For me, I am totally free to manage my own affairs, and yet have support available when I want it. For my family, no worry: Mom is safe, well nourished, and not lonely.

~ Sandra E. , KV resident, 13 years