Our History

The 19th century home of Addie Kaler-Vaill was built by her grandfather, James Coolbroth, who was a close friend of the noted Prouts Neck artist, Winslow Homer. In 1878 Addie was born in this house to Elmira Coolbroth and her husband, John Kaler.

This was the beginning of an era of summer hotels at Prouts Neck and John Kaler was operator of the Southgate, located where the Black Point Inn stands today. His father was also in the hotel business, managing the successful Kirkwood House at Scarborough Beach.

Another well-known member of the family was Addie Kaler-Vaill's uncle, James Otis, author of the very popular Toby Tyler children's series.

Addie was married in 1929 to Portland real estate businessman Edward Vaill and they resided in the family home in Scarborough until his death in 1944. They had no children. It was the wish of Addie Kaler-Vaill that someday her stately 19th century home would become a welcoming residence for women, and shortly after her death in 1957 construction of an ambitious addition to the home began. In 1960 Kaler-Vaill's doors opened, offering private rooms along with numerous common areas for its residents to enjoy.

Since that time many women have been served by the Kaler-Vaill program. Many residents have ties to Scarborough while others come from different locales. Strong friendships are formed, both with other residents and staff, creating a warm and supportive environment.

Over the years Kaler-Vaill has provided a place of comfort, security and companionship for many retired women, contributing to their enjoyment and quality of life. Members of its Board of Directors and staff are committed to serving residents in this way for many years to come.