Frenquently Answered Questions

Kaler-Vaill's mission is to provide a welcoming residence for retired women where they can pursue an active and healthy Independent lifestyle.

Who may become a resident?

Women 65 years and older may apply. They must be ambulatory, manage any medication programs independently and be able to take care of their own personal needs, such as dressing and bathing. Because Kaler-Vaill promotes an independent and active lifestyle for all residents, residents must be able to move freely throughout the residence without assistance, and have the freedom of choice without physical limitations to participate in the life of the community. One must be able to live compatibly with other women in a residential setting in which they share various common areas and participate jointly in numerous programs and activities; and enjoy the friendship of other residents through daily living interaction at Kaler-Vaill.

Are meals provided at Kaler-Vaill?

Three delicious and nutritious meals are provided each day in a delightfully decorated dining room. A monthly menu is available upon request. Anyone curious about the quality of the food service at Kaler-Vaill should just ask one of our residents!

When are meals served?

Breakfast is served at 8:00am, Dinner (the big meal of the day) at 12:30pm and Supper at 5:30pm. Residents choosing to "sleep in" may prepare a simple breakfast or snack at any hour in one of the two resident kitchenettes available.

Does Kaler-Vaill provide housekeeping services?

A housekeeper provides regular vacuuming and bathroom cleaning. Personal clothing, towels and bed linens are also laundered for residents. Residents change their own bed linens and dust their private rooms.

May I bring my own automobile?

Parking is provided for residents who choose to keep their automobiles at Kaler-Vaill.

Are there organized activities at Kaler-Vaill?

Activities such as movies, speakers, wellness exercise, ice cream socials, crafts, discussion groups and musical programs are offered regularly. Many residents coordinate together for their own excursions, ventures to area restaurants, shopping and attractions.

Is there a staff person on duty 24 hours each day?

Yes, Kaler-Vaill personnel are available 24 hours a in our secure and safe facility.

Will I feel safe at Kaler-Vaill?

Kaler-Vaill provides a secure facility, with staff greeting visitors from 8:00 am - 9:30 pm. A sprinkler and fire alarm system provides state-of-the art fire protection and an accessory generator provides a back-up of electricity during power outages.

May I bring my pet to Kaler-Vaill?

In the interests of residents and staff with allergies, pets are not invited to live at Kaler-Vaill.

What is the average age of residents?

Residents currently run a broad range in age, from their late 60s to several healthy residents in their mid 90s.

How do I apply for admission?

Anyone interested in becoming a resident should call (207) 883-4787 to make an appointment with Karen Murphy, Executive Director, for a tour of the residence.